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April 9

Saint Waldetrudis - April 9

Saint Waldetrudis or Waltrude

Mother, Nun, Wife, Widow

(Unknown – Around 686-688)

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Saint Waldetrudis

Saint’s Life Story

Her Early Life  

Waldetrudis was born in either Belgium or France on an unknown date to a wealthy and influential noble and saintly family. She is also known as Waltrude or Waudru.  Her parents were Saints Walbert and Bertille and her sister was Saint Aldegunus of Maubeuge. 

Married and a Mother of Four

Waldetrudis was married to Saint Vincent Madelgaire, count of Hainault, a lord in King Dagobert’s court. She was the mother of two sons and two daughters. Her four children were declared saints – Saint Landericus, Saint Dentelin, Saint Aldetrude, and Saint Madelberte. After their children were born both Waldetrudis and her husband longed to live lives totally devoted to meditation and prayer.

Her Husband Vincent is a Saint

Waldetrudis induced her husband to embrace the monastic state at Haumont, near Maubeuge. There, he took the name of Vincent. He is honoured in Flanders among the saints on the 20th of September, and is called Saint Vincent  Madelgaire or Vincent of Soignies.

Became a Nun

After her husband retired to an abbey, Waldetrudis herself became a nun in 656. She established a convent at Chateaulieu. From her reputation and this convent grew up the town of Mons, Belgium. She never actually became abbess of her convent, but was just a member.  Waldetrudis sanctified herself in her little cell by holy poverty, meekness, patience, continual fasting and prayer. She suffered much from the slanders of men, and from severe interior trials and temptations. But, God, after some years, paid back her fidelity with a holy peace and with great spiritual consolations.


 On April 9, around 686 to 688, in Mons, Belgium, Waldetrudis died. She is the patroness of the city of Mons, Belgium and is best known for her miraculous powers of healing. She is venerated for her power to abate epidemics or plagues, assist with childbirth, and alleviate female diseases. In art, Saint Waudru is depicted protecting her children under her mantle, offering her husband a crucifix, and refusing a crown of roses.

Born :                  Unknown date in either France or Belgium

Died:                   April 9 around 686-688 in Mons, Belgium

Beatified:           Pre-Congregation

Canonized:        Pre-Congregation

Feast Day:         April 9

Patron Saint:    Hainault, Belgium; Mons, Belgium



Saint Waldetrudis, you had tough shoes to step into with both of your parents and your sister being saints.  However, you were perfect as bride to your husband that became a Saint as well as mother to four children who all became saints. The city of Mons in Hainaut developed around the convent which you founded, which came to be known as Sainte-Waudru. You were patient, humble, constant in vigils, modest, chaste, generous with her goods towards orphans and widows, giving also for the redemption of captives, and cared for the poor. You was also slandered and endured it graciously.  You are true model to all whether maried or a religious (nun or priest).  

What does your family tree look like? While we may not all have saintly families like Saint Waldetrudis, we can all be generous in  acts of kindess towards the poor, the needy, the sick, the orphans and the widows.


Saint Waldetrudis, you endured jealousy and slander by your neighbors as they thought you were holy only to cover up your alleged hidden sins. May you intercede for us when injustices are committed against us such as gossip and slander. Just as God strengthened you to remain holy, may God provide us the strength to resist fighting back  May we look at any slight as an opportunity to pray for those who are saying things about us and whom need our prayers.

Saint Waldetrudis, pray for us. Amen.

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