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November 8

Saint Godrey of Amiens - November 8

Saint Godfrey of Amiens


(Around 1066 – 1115)

“God forbid I should ever desert a poor bride by
  preferring a rich one!

Saint Godfrey of Amiens, refused archbishop of Rheims, who asked him to take over the famous Abbey of Saint-Remi at Rheims

Saint’s Life Story

Educated in Benedictine Abbey 

Godfrey was born at Soissons, France around 1066 to his father, a noble citizen. When his mother died, his father decided to take up the monastic life. Godfrey taken at the age of five, by his uncle, the Bishop of Soissons, who sent him to be educated in the Benedictine abbey of Mont-Saint-Quentin where his godfather Godefroid was abbot. While at Saint Quentin, Godfrey was given the charge of the sick, and appointed hospitaller, to receive the poor at the gate. In his youth, Godfrey always gave the better part of his meals to the poor. Sometimes, he did not make his appearance at all in the refectory, spending his time in private prayer and often spending a great part of the night in prayer.   

Ordained and Became Abbot

At the age of 25, Godfrey was ordained priest by the Bishop of Noyon and became the abbot of the Abbey of Nogent-sous-Coucy, Champagne in 1096  in the Diocese of Rheims,. When he arrived, the place was overrun by weeds housed only six nuns and two children., but Godfrey rebuilt it, establishing a hostel for pilgrims.

Refused Abbacy of Saint Remi

Godfrey was offered the Abbacy of Saint-Remi, but he refused.   In 1097, he was also offered the Bishopric of Reims.  But again, Godfrey refused, claiming he was unworthy.   When Godfrey was offered the Bishopric of Amiens in 1104, he still considered himself unworthy of the trust.   However, King Philip and the Council of Troyes each, ordered him to accept the honor.

Bishop of Amiens

Godfrey was noted for his rigid austerity with himself, those around him and in his approach to his mission as  Bishop.  He was an enforcer of clerical celibacy.   Godfrey was also a fierce lifelong opponent of drunkenness and simony, which led to an attempt on his life.

For most of his time as Bishop, Godfrey wished to resign and retire as a Carthusian monk. Godfrey took part in the Council of Chálons.  In 1114, he moved to a monastery, but a few months later his people petitioned for his return. Godfrey bowed to their request.

Cared for Poor and Sick 

As bishop, Godfrey did not cease to take care of the poor and the sick. When some lepers came to him, Godfrey commanded his cook to prepare food for them. However, four hours later nothing had yet been done. So Godfrey himself went to the kitchen and found a large, prepared salmon which he took to the famished lepers. The cook remonstrated with Godfrey, and he told the cook that it was an injustice to allow the poor to die of hunger while unworthy bishops enjoyed food that was too succulent.

His Death

As Godfrey was going to Rheims to confer with his metropolitan upon certain matters of importance, he was taken ill of a fever on the road. Godfreyg received the holy sacraments and joyfully departed to our Lord on November 8, 1115, in the Abbey of St Crispin at Soissons, France. Godfrey was buried at the abbey and his tomb became renowned for the many miracles wrought there.

Beatified:           Pre-Congregation

Canonized:        Pre-Congregation

Feast Day:         November 8

Patron Saint:    None



Order and strictness when following rules are very important. If rules are broken or not enforced, then people could get hurt. However, many people do not like following strict rules, because they feel that they limit their freedoms. Saint Godfrey followed the rules of his Benedictine monastery with rigid strictness. Because of his adherence to the rules and his highly structured leadership, Godfrey was able to restore order to the Monastery of Nogent-sous-Coucy.

Do you always follow the the Ten Commandments and the rules of the Church? Ask for God’s help in understanding his laws and following them.

Source: Saint Godfrey (c.1066-c.1115) | Saint Mary’s Press (


St. Godfrey, help us to see the importance of having relationships with those who have centered their lives on God and are not only good examples to us, but are supportive of us in our daily walk with Him.

Saint Godfrey of Amiens, pray for us. Amen.

Source: St. Godfrey (

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