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July 5

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Priest, Founder of Barnabite Order

(1502 – 1539)

“If you want to pray well, first detach yourself from things of the world, purify yourself from your passions, which deprive your soul of your trust in God, then prepare yourself for prayer through meditation.

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Saint’s Life Story

His Early Life Becoming A Physician

Anthony was born in 1502 in Cremona, Italy to noble parents. Although Anthony lost his father when he was young, his mother saw to it that he received solid training instilling in him compassion for the poor and afflicted. Anthony studied medicine at the University of Padua and returned home at the age of 22 as a full-fledged physician. He practiced as a physician in Cremona for three years. But he quickly realized that his vocation consisted in healing souls as well as bodies. 

Ordained and Off to Milan

Anthony studied theology while he continued to practice medicine. At the same time, he assisted the dying spiritually, taught catechism to the young, and placed himself completely at the service of everyone.  After his ordination in 1528, Anthony was encouraged to go to Milan where there were greater opportunities to serve his fellowman.

Founded Barnabites and St. Paul for Laity

In 1530, Anthony and two other zealous priests founded the Barnabites (the Order of Regular Clerks of St. Paul).  The Barnabites received their name because there lived in the St. Barbabas monastery in Milan.  This congregation of priests  helped regenerate and revive the love of Divine worship, and a proper Christian way of life by frequent preaching and faithful administration of the Sacraments. Anthony and its earky members ministered night and day to the people of Milan, who were stricken by wars, plague, and neglect. With the help of Luigia Torelli, a countess, Anthony founded a community called the Angelicals, whose goal was to rescue fallen women and girls and those in danger of falling into sin. In addition, Anthony founded The Marrieds of St. Paul for Laity that were married.

His Legacy Church Traditions

Anthony introduced the forty-hour devotion to lay people, encouraging people to join him in praying for forty hours before the exposed Blessed Sacrament. He also introduced the ringing of church bells on Friday.

His Death

Anthony died on July 5 in Cremona, Italy at the age of 37, worn out by his many labors.  Nearly three decades after his death, St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria’s body was found to be incorrupt. He is depicted in art in habit.

Beatified:          January 3, 1890 by Pope Leo XIII

Canonized:       May 27, 1897 by Pope Leo XIII

Feast Day:         July 5

Patron Saint:    Barnabite Order; Laity of St Paul; Physicians  



Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria recognized the importance and ability of all people, religious and laity, to build up the Body of Christ. Unlike some of his contemporaries, Saint Anthony did not seek to transform the church by combative, aggressive and divisive tactics. He changed the Church through his example and his love. Saint Anthony challenged the people of his time to be “not small, but great saints.” Let each of us strive to follow Christ and not be afraid to openly combat mediocrity, compromise and every kind of apathy that is the greatest enemy of the crucified Christ

How can you be a “great saint” acting as a conduit demonstrating Jesus’ love to all those whom you interact with today?


Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria,
helper of the poor and the sick,
you who devoted your life to our spiritual welfare,
listen to my humble and hopeful prayer.
Continue your work as doctor and priest
by obtaining from GOD
healing from my physical and moral sickness,
so that free from all evil and sin,
I may love the LORD with joy,
fulfill with fidelity my duties,
work generously for the good of my brothers and sisters,
and for my sanctification.Amen.

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria, pray for us. Amen.

Source: St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria (

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