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September 29

St Amalburga of Maubeuge - July 10

Saint Amalburga of Maubeuge
Mother, Nun
(7th Century – Around 690)

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Saint Amalburga of Maubeuge

Her Life

Amalburga, also known as Amalberga, Amalia, and Amelia, was born in Brabant, Belgium in the 7th century. She was a relative of Saint Pepin of Landen.  There is very great confusion in the records of this saint and of a virgin who came a century after.

Married and Mother of Three

At a young age, Amalburga married Count Witger. Amalburga and her husband were blessed with three children who became saints, Saint Gudula of Brussels, Saint Emebert, and Saint Reineldis. She personally took on the responsibility of their education, ensuring that they received not just secular knowledge but also a strong foundation in the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Separated to Become a Nun

After raising her children, Amalburga and her husband decided to retire to separate Benedictine houses. Count Witger chose Lobbes, Belgium, while Amalburga found solace and embraced a life of asceticism and prayer at Maubeuge Abbey in France. During her time at Maubeuge Abbey, Amalburga dedicated herself to deepening her spirituality and nurturing a profound relationship with God. She lived a life of austerity, fasting, and self-discipline, exemplifying the ideals of a devout Catholic. Amalburga had the privilege of receiving the monastic veil from Saint Willibrord of Echternach, further solidifying her commitment to a religious life. She became an inspiration to others in the monastery, known for her unwavering devotion and intense prayer life.


Legend has it that Amalburga wanted to cross the lake, but found no boat. Here, she encountered a giant sturgeon while trying to cross the lake. To the astonishment of those around her, she mounted the back of the fish and successfully and safely crossed the water. In memory of which the fishermen of the place yearly offer a sturgeon at the chapel of Saint Amelberga on her day, July 10th. This remarkable occurrence led to her representation in art and iconography alongside or with a fish. In depictions, Saint Amalburga is often portrayed wearing a crown, symbolizing her status as a saint and her devotion to God.

Her Death

Amalburga died around the year 690 in Maubeuge Abbey, Maubeuge, France of natural causes. She was an extremely religious and well-respected woman and was given an honored burial in the church. After her death, Amalburga was laid to rest beside her husband at the monastery in Lobbes, Belgium. Her relics have been preserved in Saint Peter’s Abbey Church in Ghent, Belgium since 1073.

Born :                 7th century in Brabant, Belgium

Died:                   690 in Maubeuge Abbey, Maubeuge, France

Beatified:           Pre-Congregation

Canonized:        Pre-Congregation

Feast Day:         July 10

Patron Saint:    Against Arm Pain; Against Bruises; Against Fever; Farmers; Fever Victims; Ghent, Belgium



Saint Amalburga of Maubeuge was born into a noble family and married Count Witger. She had three children whom she raised with the Catholic teachings who went on to also become Saints. However, after her children were grown up, she chose to renounce her worldly wealth and status in order to dedicate her life to God becoming a nun at the Mauberge Abbey in France. Saint Amalburga of Maubeuge was known for her deep life of prayer and contemplation.

Today, examine your own attachments to material possessions and to consider how you can simplify your life in order to prioritize prayer in our own lives and to cultivate a deeper intimacy with God.


Saint Amalburga of Maubeuge,

You who were a noblewoman and mother that turned to be a Benedictine nun in a life full of devition to God and service to others.

Pray for me that I may follow your example of renunciation and humility.
Help me to prioritize my relationship with God and to serve others with love and compassion.

May we, like you, find solace and guidance in prayer and seek opportunities to serve those in need.

Saint Amalburga of Maubeuge, pray for us. Amen.


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