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October   1:  Saint Therese of Lisieux
October   2:  Saint Émilie de Villeneuve
October   3:  Saint Theodore Guerin
October   4:  Saint Francis of Assisi
October   5:  Saint Faustina Kowalska
October   6:  Saint Bruno
October   7:  Saint Justina of Padua
October   8:  Saint Ywi of Lindisfarne
October   9:  Saint Denis of Paris
October 10:
October 11:  Pope John XXIII
October 12:  Saint Edwin of Northumbria
October 13:
October 14:  Pope Callistus I
October 15:  Saint Teresa of Ávila
October 16:
October 17:  Margaret Mary Alacoque
October 18:  Saint Luke the Evangelist
October 19:  Saint Peter of Alcántara
October 20:  Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin
October 21:  Saint Hilarion
October 22:  Saints Nunilo and Alodia
October 23:  John of Capistrano
October 24:  Saint Anthony Mary Claret
October 25:  Crispin and Crispinian
October 26:  Alfred the Great
October 27:  Saint Emilina of Boulancourt
October 28:  Saint Jude Thaddeus
October 29:  Saint Gaetano Errico
October 30:  Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
October 31:  Saint Quentin