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June   1:  Justin Martyr
June   2:
June   3:  Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions
June   4:  Saint Quirinus of Sescia , Saint Filippo Smaldone
June   5:
June   6:  Saint Norbert of Xanten
June   7:  Saint Anthony Mary Gianelli
June   8:  Saint Syra of Troyes
June   9:  Saint Columba
June 10:
June 11:  Saint Paula Frassinetti, John of Sahagun
June 12:  Saint Odulph of Utrecht
June 13:  Saint Anthony of Padua
June 14:
June 15:  Saint Germaine Cousin
June 16:  Saint Lutgardis , Saint John Francis Regis
June 17:  Saint Albert Chmielowski
June 18:  Saint Elizabeth of Schönau , Gregorio Barbarigo
June 19:  Saint Romuald
June 20:
June 21:  Aloysius Gonzaga
June 22:  Saint John Fisher
June 23:  Joseph Cafasso
June 24:  Saint María Guadalupe García Zavala
June 25:  Saint William of Vercelli
June 26:  Saint Josemaría Escrivá
June 27:  Saint Cyril of Alexandria
June 28:  Saint Irenaeus of Lyons
June 29:  Saint Hemma of Gurk
June 30:


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