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My name is Peter Vendituoli.  Do you know all the Saints? I don’t. I didn’t know there are over 10,000 saints!

To grow my Catholic faith, I decided to learn about the Saints. I am learning that each Saint has a story.  Many did not start off perfect – just like our lives. They persevered to do great things for God in their lives.  As Pope Francis stated: Saints are not “Superman” who are born perfect, but rather are ordinary people who followed God with all their heart.”

As a teacher at a Catholic college, my students learn more when they are engaged in a fun activity. So, I created the FINDTHESAINT puzzles. Similar to a traditional “find-a-word” puzzle, except the extra remaining letters spell out the saint’s name. Each puzzle is created by hand after researching 75-100 words related to each Saint.

I hope that the FINDTHESAINT puzzle’s 30-40 words or phrases spark an interest in each saint. A link is provided for you to go to find out more about the Saint’s live, a reflection on the Saint, a quote from the Saint and prayer for the Saint’s intercession plus some additional information and YouTube video links.

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Saint #242 FINDTHESAINT Puzzle Answer